Types of Web Hosting Explained

What is hosting?. It is the service provided by a vendor which offers a physical location for storage of files and web pages. A company on the web rents physical space on their servers to allow websites to be viewed by people on the Internet.

A hosting company offers the service of providing a server or network servers which there are connected to the Internet. The customer’s request is to have their website place on the server where it will be accessible for the people who access the net. Most companies provide a server space and the connection for your website to be online.

Webhosting customers need a server in order to (usually) put a website website online. The company is also responsible for the maintenance and the upgrade of the server. The network servers are located in a Datacenter. Each Datacenter provides fastest connection to the Internet, 24 hours and seven days a week monitoring for a secure access. They have UPS and Battery backups for any difficulties on regards to power failures, controlled humidity and temperature to provide an optimal and secure environment for the hardware systems located in their facility. There is a guarantee of 99.9% uptime for the website. Most hosting companies provide to their organizations and individuals the following options or availabilities which are: Rent from the web host a whole server, share the rent of the server with others or purchase the server and only pay for the maintenance and connection.

More organizations and individuals who owned a particular website want to have it review by people who access the internet. People who browse the Internet will be able to view the files from the individual or company who has its website online.

Nowadays most Web hosting companies provides their customer’s based on their personal needs and company expansions five types of Web Hosting services which are: Dedicated, VPS, Shared, Collocated and Cloud. The client’s get to choose the type of hosting they prefer based on their individual or organizations business needs. The specific types of service provided are: Image service, File service, Video service. Blog service, Email service and Shopping cart software. Most companies guarantee to get your website up and running successfully.

Web Hosting has created a big influence in our daily lives. It is used by individuals, schools, organizations, governments, etc. Online business and e-commerce have changed the way business is done for good.