Domain Parking and Domain Name Registration

A person that is new to the world of building websites will often ask what is cybersquatting when they first come across this subject. Technically known as domain parking, this is when a person or company does domain name registration for a web address that they are not planning to use for content. Also, domain parking can be used to redirect many different websites to a single one that has content. In this manner, it will show up with a higher ranking on search engines and drive more visitors to the site. The cost of web hosting for parked domains will be completely free, as no actual website will be uploaded.

In the corporate sense, using domain parking can be quite beneficial. A company that is getting ready to unveil a new product may do domain name registration for many sites before the product is launched. Under domain law, they will be the only ones with legal access to the website and may keep the domains for many years before using them. The concept of domain parking could also be used to protect the reputation of a company. By registering all of the .org, .com, and other extensions, the company will prevent someone else from registering a similar name and luring customers away.

At the beginning of the Internet era, many people saw cybersquatting as an easy way to make money. They registered hundreds and thousands of websites with the anticipation that they would one day be valuable as the Internet grew. These ideas were well founded and there are many famous stories of how a single domain name registration could make a person a large amount of money when it was sold to a company. This concept is still present in Internet commerce, but the availability of many new extensions have made it less profitable than before.