Important Concepts in Website Hosting

When a person is comparing different companies that offer website hosting plans, there are a number of different things to keep in mind. By knowing what to look for, the person will be able to accurately evaluate the different plans and decide which one will give the best combination of value and functionality. Understanding whether the package includes features like POP3 email accounts will help a person determine their individual needs. The inclusion of these features will mean that less time will be spent using other providers for missing website functionality.

The very first thing to look at is the amount of disk space that is offered with the website hosting package. A person that is looking to place a large website on the Internet or one that is heavy with many pictures and videos will need to make sure that enough space is available. Free website hosting usually gives the user 50MB or less, but this space can quickly disappear as new content is added.

Another important concept in website hosting is whether FTP access is present. FTP access is the easiest way to transfer files from the person’s computer to the web server. The code in the webpage will refer to many different files and having to individually upload them can take a great deal of time. With FTP access, a person can upload multiple files at once to their server storage space.

For the websites that will incur a heavy amount of traffic from visitors, the website bandwidth will need to be at a certain level. Any site that may have high volume should opt for an unlimited website bandwidth plan to avoid running into extra fees each month. The website hosting company should also provide traffic statistics so the change in visitors can be monitored.