Options for Free Web Hosting

In today’s modern times, it seems that everyone has a website. For a person that has not yet built their own personal home on the Internet, it may be time to take a look at free web hosting services to see how easy and cheap it can be to own a website. Nearly all of the companies that offer web hosting for free follow the same format. In exchange for providing the space on a web server, the company is allowed to display advertisements on the pages of the website. These free websites work well for both parties – the person is able to have their own page without extra expenses and the company can earn revenue through advertising.

With free web hosting, a person will not need to register domain names. This means that the entire process of building a website and posting it on the Internet is completely free. Of course, there are some limitations. Most of the companies offering the hosting for free have space limitations and a common size is a maximum of 40MB of storage. Although the space may be small, it is often more than enough for a basic web page and there are also other benefits in using one of the companies. They also provide personal email addresses and commonly come with software that makes creating free websites very easy.

For a corporation, there are also ways to get web hosting for free and keep the company’s expenses to a minimum. Many software products, like Office Live Small Business, give the space as part of the overall program package. Before investing in a large and expensive hosting option, a company should first look at the programs they use on a regular basis to see if any of them offer free web hosting solutions.