What is VPS Hosting

What is hosting or virtual hosting? To have a functional site, you need a dedicated space on a server host, permanently connected to the Internet. In that space you can put your site that may include HTML files, images, PHP scripting, SQL databases or discussion forums. The best hosting depends on your needs. The most common hosting that provides numerous advantages is the VPS hosting.

So what is a VPS hosting?

This is a Virtual Private Server or VPS known as Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS is a type of web hosting that gives the holder the benefits and freedom to have its virtual own server but without its high costs.

How can you tell when you need a VPS hosting?

Well, if you have exceeded the resources allocated for shared hosting or you need to run scripts that you can not ever run on a shared hosting and need a dedicated server performance hosting, VPS hosting is the best choice for your needs.

How does the VPS hosting work?

The VPS hosting allows multiple users to use the resources of a dedicated server but without compromises in performance as can happen in other types of hosting, especially at shared ones. A server can host multiple VPS accounts and they have no connection with each other or share resources in any way. Each VPS account is assigned a very important part of the guaranteed and server resources: RAM, processing power, disk space, software and network resources.

The main advantages of a VPS hosting from a shared hosting account refers mainly to security and privacy, guaranteed resources, reliability, flexibility and freedom to run their own scripts and operating systems and the price: the costs of a dedicated server are divided by some users and so, the monthly bill is much easier to bear.